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Garage article

Why Should You Respond to Google Reviews?

When someone takes time to do something nice, you likely say thank you, almost reflexively. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be saying thank you online either, especially when it comes to Google Reviews.
Responding to Google Reviews can help your business out in more ways than one. Here are some reasons why you should respond to Google Reviews from LinkNow Media.

Group article

Should Your Small Business Use Employee Surveys?

You know what they say, you can’t improve what you don’t measure. So, if you are looking to increase employee engagement and workplace morale, you need to know what needs to be changed. One way to do this is by conducting regular surveys and following through with employee feedback. The key thing here is to survey your team frequently. That way you can change what needs to be changed at once, rather than waiting an entire year to do so. Here’s some advice from LinkNow Media to ensure your business becomes a more enjoyable place to work.

Boat article

Is Your Small Business Website Pleasing Search Engines and Users?

User experience and SEO are intrinsically linked in a very intimate way, but appealing to both search engines and users can be a thin line to walk. For example, what may look visually appealing can end up hurting your site’s ranking. Or, what may sound like a million-dollar headline may not be doing anything for SEO. That’s what we’re looking at today—finding the balance between catchy and optimized content. Here’s some advice from LinkNow Media that will help you create content that will please both site visitors and search engines.

Ad article

Small Business Facebook Ads: 101

Even if you post on Facebook consistently and often, you may still have trouble reaching people. The best way to ensure that people see your posts is by using Facebook ads. Advertising on Facebook is an effective way to drive visitors to your Facebook page, where they can get a better idea about the services you offer, who you are and what you’re all about. When it comes to Facebook ads, there are several types to choose from, and the ones you should go with depend on your goals as well as the needs and wants of your target audience. Here are five different types of ads that might be helpful for increasing engagement:

Professional article

Is Your LinkedIn Picture Hurting Your Chances?

If you have a LinkedIn profile, then you’re likely using it to find a job. When it comes to advancing your career, you’ll need to make sure your profile picture is up to snuff. Here’s some advice from LinkNow Media to help you make sure your photo says, “hire me!”

Zen article

Relaxation Techniques for Responding to Negative Online Reviews

We talk a lot about the dos and don’ts when it comes to responding to negative reviews, and we always stress the importance of keeping your cool. Today, we’re going to take that advice one step further by providing you with a few relaxation techniques and breathing exercises to keep you level-headed when faced with a scathing review. Follow this advice from LinkNow Media and you can’t go wrong.

Products article

How to Get People Talking About Your Products

We’ve said it again and again – content is king. That is why so many small businesses have made it a priority to produce a lot of it – and not just a lot of it, but interesting content – the kind of content that gets people talking. This is key when it comes to getting people to review a product. After all, people aren’t likely to spend money on a product that doesn’t have any buzz surrounding it. The best way to get people talking is by creating and distributing content that is conversational. So, let’s give them something to talk about. Follow these tips from LinkNow Media, and you’re sure to see some friction in the comments section.

Clothes article

Should Your Small Business Have a Dress Code?

Recent studies have shown that employees are more productive when working from the comfort of their own home, where they are able to sit back, relax and work in whatever attire they please – whether that’s a robe, onesie or boxer shorts. We’re not suggesting that you encourage your employees to wear anything of that nature, but we are suggesting that you think twice about how your office dress code will be perceived. Summer is right around the corner, and that means it’s time send out a casual reminder about the dos and don’ts of office apparel.

Laugh article

11 Hilarious(ly bad) SEO and Web Design Jokes

Why was the SEO guru upset when she found out she was going to have twins?
Duplicate content

Did you get a chuckle out of any of these? If so let us know and share some of your own. We love learning bad jokes here at LinkNow Media!
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Untitled 1 article

Is it Time to Rebrand Your Small Business?

If you’re beginning to think that your company’s image is looking a little stale, then it might be time to make some changes. This is a point that most companies hit, and it doesn’t necessarily mean you took a wrong turn somewhere. On the contrary, you should be proud of the fact that your business has grown to this stage. When it comes to rebranding, it’s important that you make changes thoughtfully. It might take weeks, or even months of brainstorming, and you’ll find that there are many ideas worth keeping and others that need to be tossed out. Here are some rebranding tips from LinkNow Media to keep in mind.

Frame article

How Can Wall Art Benefit Your Small Business?

Ask anyone in business what keeps their employees happy and inspired and they’ll tell you it’s the little things. Even something as small as hanging art on the walls of your workplace can go a long way in creating a great work environment, and that’s what we at LinkNow Media are exploring today. Here are three ways your small business can benefit from getting artsy.

Ferris wheel article

How Small Businesses Should Respond to Negative Reviews

What most people are looking for in a company is honesty. If you can show that you made an honest mistake and are willing to take steps to fix it, you will regain the trust of potential clients that read the review. This will also give you an opportunity for the client in question to give you a better review.

Flags  article

Blogging Tips for Small Business Owners

No matter your type of business, it never hurts to read up on blogging tips every now and then. Whether you’ve hit a wall or need reassurance that you’re on the right path, a small tip can be enough to get those creative juices flowing. So, here are 3 quick tips from LinkNow Media to ensure your blog reaches your target audience.

Cactus article

SEO to Look Out for in 2017

Without a search engine optimization (SEO) plan, it can be very difficult for your website to rank on search engines. If you are here then you are probably somewhat familiar with SEO. However, every year brings new ideas to build into your strategy.

Paper clip article

Online Customer Review Tips for Small Business Owners

There’s no denying that attracting new customers can involve a lot of effort. Unfortunately, as a business owner, it can be difficult to devote time to your digital marketing strategy. One way to bring in new business that doesn’t involve too much effort on your end is by letting your satisfied clients do the leg work. Online customer reviews are one of the most effective ways to push a person to follow through on a purchase. That means it’s well worth it to do what you can to make leaving online reviews a seamless process. After all, the more online reviews you obtain, the more likely you are to make sales. Here are 3 tips for getting the most out of your online customer reviews.